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  • black grouseand capercaillie - photo tours norway

    Photograph and experience the impressive courtship display of the black grouse on one of the best lekking sites of the country. An event described here in Norway as the biggest adventure of the spring. You also get the chance to photograph the display of the stunning and majestic capercaillie, the shyest of all grouse species

  • black grouse lekkingonvimeo

    Apr 19, 2015 · Filmed in one morning, in the Cairngorms National Park - Black Grouse displaying, calling & fighting - 'Lekking'. Information on this spectacular…

  • lockdown lekking: black grouse inthe road fieldsports

    Black cocks lekking “They’re on the road because the road is so quiet because of coronavirus [lockdown]. It’s a really nice flat area for them to display on.” In this area the black grouse benefit from effective predator control provided by the grouse moor keepers

  • black grouse lekking the greatest show! the speyside

    Black Grouse, or Black Cock, with their distinctive red eyebrows, blue-black feathers and an impressive white tail that forms a fan when lekking, are a species that certainly put on a show. The females or ‘Greyhens’, are speckled brown with a white underwing to camouflage with their surroundings

  • lekking black grouse( lyrurus tetrix). early morning

    Lekking black grouse - Tetrao tetrix. One grouse standing in front and one soft in the background. Early morning in early April. Springtime

  • black grousemale, kuusamo, finland - bing gallery

    Black grouse male calling at lek site in Kuusamo, Finland. Spring is lekking season for the black grouse. In the early morning, the male birds gather on lek sites, often a patch of open ground, to put on a show for the ladies. The males flash their white tail feathers, make cooing and hissing noises, jump in the air and pick fights with each

  • black grouseuk - published in support of the uk

    The number of lekking male black grouse is the usual way of measuring the population, as the leks are relatively easy to find and view (compared to the nests). The standard method for monitoring black grouse leks was set out in Bird Monitoring Methods, published by the RSPB (Gilbert

  • black grouse, world's end | birdforum

    Jun 09, 2007 · Black Grouse are about a 70% chance at WE, although early birds tend to score highest due to the amount of disturbance from walkers, birders, mountain bikers and the like. ... Black Grouse lekking here in March this year. Please note this was easily visibly from the …

  • call of the wild: the best places to spot wildlife in

    Mar 20, 2021 · The handsome black grouse is famous for its lekking behaviour, where several males gather together to fight over the attentions of the females. These leks …

  • finland-black grouse& capercaillie lek 2022

    Finland - Black Grouse & Capercaillie Lekking 2021. Finnish Lekking Grouse & Capercallie. One of the most beautiful sounds of late spring is the sound of a lekking Black Grouse or Capercaillie in the first rays of natural light. My trip to one of the best sites in Finland will give you a fantastic opportunity to experience and photograph this

  • black grouseecology: mating systems

    The black grouse mating system: lekking. In spring time (late April to early May), male black grouse gather in open areas such as bogs, clearcuts or even on frozen lakes, to defend small territories. Female's visit then these clusters of territories (called a lek) solely to mate. Males show a number of behaviours on leks

  • black grouse lekkingat rspb corrimony: 21 years and

    Dec 10, 2018 · Black grouse lekking. Photo Credit: Nigel Moore. This lekking display is quite useful for me when it comes to recording numbers, as I can assess how the population is faring. RSPB Scotland have been counting black grouse in and around Corrimony nature reserve every …

  • black grouse lekking- highland perthshire

    Black Grouse Lekking. Black Grouse use communal display areas called 'leks' to attract a mate, the Blackcock (males) give a strange rhythmic call that is interspersed with a sneeze-like call to the Greyhens (females), along with some cool dance moves. The best time to see this amazing site is during April and May from dawn until 0800 hours on

  • how to photographblack grouse| nature ttl

    Because lekking usually starts while it is still getting light, high ISO speeds may be needed for your early shots. But, once the sun is up, then care with exposures is needed. Black grouse have a beautiful, deep blue sheen to their plumage. I always attempt to expose …

  • where to see a black grouse lek

    Where to see the black grouse lek Advertisement Between the months of March and June (usually April and May) at dawn and also in the autumn, male black grouse gather together on a daily basis, occupying their own little piece of territory in a makeshift arena