The Forum for Direct Democracy - who we are
The Forum for direct democracy is the centre-left movement in Switzerland which opposes the Swiss EU-membership for democratical, social and ecological reasons. We oppose the building of a European super-power which constitutes a danger to the third world countries and to global peace. The Forum is for the moment the only left-wing EU-sceptical movement in Switzerland. We think that Swiss government would play a conservative, neo-liberal role within the Union, strengthening by that the social problems of the European Countries. At the same time, Swiss membership would mean a substantial loss of direct democracy in Switzerland.

The Forum for direct democracy publishes the EUROPA-MAGAZIN. It is a periodical which treats 2-4 times a year specific problems of the EU-integration process (traffic, agriculture, democracy, peace, social effects of the common market, social effects of the EMU, regional development, trade unions, and so on). The majority of articles are published in German, one or two articles are published in French. It can be commanded at the address of the Forum (costs: 30 CHF). We are interested in exchange arrangements with other periodicals. Most of the issues of the Europa-Magazin are published on the web. There we have further material on direct democracy.

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